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Services Offered

Business Development
We provide our clients with a variety of business development activities, both for new ventures and projects, as well as potential acquisitions of businesses. We perform an extensive and thorough investigation of potential opportunities and assist our clients in making an informed decision as to whether the opportunity is a viable business venture for them.

We will also assist clients in need of funding for their opportunities with their capital raising efforts, guiding them in terms of the relevant options and sources of funding at their disposal. We provide assistance with compiling a prospectus containing the key investor information required to attract funding for their opportunity.

Business Process Optimisation
We offer consulting services whereby we critically assess current business processes to identify possible areas of inefficiency. The need for such business process optimisation may be as a result of poor initial design, changes in the regulatory or operating environment or the evolution of the business over time. In addition to optimising existing business processes, we also assist in the design and mapping of entirely new processes to support our client’s business.

Financial Modelling
We have a core competency in building complex and detailed financial models. These models assist our clients in analysing the financial viability of both existing and new business ventures. The models we build allow our clients to analyse the impact of a number of key input parameters and assumptions. Through the use of various scenarios we are able to illustrate the financial impact that key strategic decisions will have on the viability of a particular venture. Our models also help clients to determine the most effective operating parameters for the business.
SharePoint Consulting
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing organisations with comprehensive content management and enterprise search functionality, accelerating shared business processes, as well as facilitating information-sharing across boundaries, thereby providing for better business insight. In addition to the benefits for business users, SharePoint provides IT professionals and developers with a platform and the necessary tools they need for effective and efficient server administration, application extensibility, and interoperability.

As a Microsoft partner, GF Consulting can provide clients with the skills and expertise required to successfully deploy SharePoint based solutions. Our consultants have extensive experience in deploying various types SharePoint based solution, across a wide variety of industry sectors, including Government, Finance, Telecommunications, Recruitment, Mining as well as Retail environments.
IT Consulting
We focus on providing information technology solutions that are built on a Microsoft platform. Our focus is on delivering a number of key services associated with an IT solution. These include, but are not limited to :
  • Project management
  • Requirements analysis
  • System design & architecture
  • Solution implementation and Development
  • System roll-out

GF Investments is the equity arm of GF Consulting. We are passionate about incubating and operationalising new business ventures. It is therefore our intention to build a diversified investment portfolio consisting of equity stakes in a number of businesses where we believe there is significant revenue and growth potential.

We have an active investment approach and seek to provide not only strategic guidance, but to also take a keen interest in the daily operational activities of the business when required. Although our preference is to be actively involved in our investments, we are open to approach by individuals and companies for opportunities whereby GF Investments provides mainly funding in a typical venture capital model. Each opportunity will be evaluated accordingly before a funding and involvement decision is made.

Through the activities of GF Consulting, GF Investments is confident of the value we can add in assisting individuals or companies to pursue their business development projects and incubating their ideas into successful new ventures. These services can be structured in various ways, either as a fee for service model, a profit share of revenue generated, or alternatively an equity stake in the venture moving forward. We therefore not only provide our clients with strategic guidance, but also with a sense of reassurance and comfort that we are willing to “put our money where our mouth is” and thereby ensure that both our goals are 100% aligned.

“We are entrepreneurs at heart and our passion is starting and growing businesses. We believe the best way to go about this is in partnership with our clients, providing the structure and resources that make it happen!”